For the last 7+ years I have been curling my hair.. kinda crazy to think about! Especially since the curling iron I use now is the exact same one that I used when I first began curling it. Below I will be sharing with you all my tried and true curls that never fail me! These steps help me to achieve the curls I look for on a everyday basis that looks natural, but still put together, enjoy!

What I Use:

How I Curl:

1. First I comb out my hair using my WetBrush, this makes sure that there are no tangles or kinks when I begin curling. Once I have combed my hair out I spray the Tresemme Expert with Biotin Repair & Protect Pre-Styling Spray focusing on my ends (by the way – this stuff smells amazing!).

2. After spraying this product into my hair I like to go back in with my brush and comb through my hair to make sure the product is evenly distributed. To prevent my hair from looking oily quicker and to extend the days I wash my hair, I try to avoid putting any product near my roots.

3. Then section my hair in half and with my hair-tie, I tie the top portion into a bun. This allows me to curl the bottom portion more easily.

4. Once my hair is split, I take the bottom portion and split that into two (like you’re about to create pigtails). With the left side, I grab a piece (about an inch) and begin curling away from my face. I’m not really fond of curling my hair away, then towards, then back to away, but whatever you think suits you go for it!

5. After curling the left side, I curl the right side away from my face.

6. I then set my curled hair with hairspray and move onto my next section. do not brush your hair! I like to let my curls rest/cool until I am done curling all of my hair. I have noticed that brushing my hair once it’s cooled (rather than right after curling) helps the curls stay and last longer.

7. I pick whatever section of hair I want to work on next, take it out of the bun, and tie the rest up. There is no rhyme or reason for this technique, I’ve been curling my hair for so long now it’s just become a habit with what specific sections I choose. I just always make sure that with each section it is tied up in a bun so unwanted hair is not in the way and I can focus on the specific section that I want to curl.

8. I do this step only if I feel that my hair is a little flat, and needs some volume. I spray dry shampoo into the roots and run my fingers through my hair to make sure that no white powder is showing from the product.

9. Once my curls have cooled, I run my fingers through all of my hair again to break up the curls and avoid that Shirley Temple look! This gives my hair a more “natural” looking curl and not appear so done up.

10. My final step is spraying some hairspray in and giving my hair a good shake!

I hope that you all enjoyed this post! Please bare with me – I am so very new to this blogging world but am excited for what’s in store! 🙂

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    Shayna Wright
    04/18/2017 at 10:13 pm

    Ever since I first met you in pilates back at ODU I always thought you looked so put together and pretty and I LOVED your hair! I wondered how you did it and this makes it seem so simple that I think even I might be able to do it (and I usually just do a pony tail 😉). Best wishes on your blog and I think this post is a success!

    1. Reply
      04/19/2017 at 1:36 pm

      Shayna, you are SOO sweet!! :’) THANK YOU! This hair is so easy that’s why I really wanted it to be my first post! 🙂 Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, it means a lot!!

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