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Most of us makeup lovers have endless amounts of brushes, but with that comes a hefty price. I was browsing on Amazon makeup brushes and came across this set of BESTOPE Makeup Brushes, 8 brushes for the price of $7.99 seemed too good to be true, but after over a year of loving these brushes I wanted to share my thoughts on them.

The eye brushes are great, but I wanted to focus my blogpost on the face brushes since these are the ones I have been obsessed with!

All of the face brushes are densely packed and have very soft bristles. Foundation does not get absorbed into the brush which allows you to not waste foundation. Each brush is so soft and does not leave any streak marks or brush hairs on the face. That’s always such an annoyance when you’re trying to get a flawless makeup look and a brush sheds on you!

BESTOPE Angled Brush

I use the angled brush to apply my foundation. The angle of the brush allows you to get around your nose and under your eyes with ease. I also use this brush on days when I want to cream contour. It’s great to apply to the hollows of your cheeks and helps me blend the cream into the skin so quickly.

BESTOPE Tapered Brush

The Tapered Brush from BESTOPE is great to set your under eyes. I dip this brush into my favorite setting powder (RCMA No Color Powder) and lightly press this brush into my skin. The tapered end helps to get right under the eyelids/inner corners.

BESTOPE Flat Brush

I use the Flat Brush to apply foundation as well. The flat surface allows for even blending around the entire face and down my neck. This brush is also great to apply your cream blushes.

BESTOPE Round Brush

If you like a fuller coverage face when you wear mineral foundation, this brush is great! Because it is a more densely packed brush, it picks up more mineral foundation and easily blends it out onto the skin. When I want to use a brush rather than beauty sponge for concealer, I have found that this is the only brush I own that blends out the concealer without streaks and does not soak up all the product.

I think that these brushes are excellent quality for the price that they are at, and of course the rose gold color of them is an added bonus! If you’re someone who’s seeking to add more brushes to your collection or just wanting to find quality makeup brushes that are very affordable I highly recommend giving these brushes a go!

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