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Why yes, yet another makeup product review! I know I need to work on sharing my looks on the blog (and there will be!), but recently I have been searching high and low for a concealer that not only covers up the stressors of the workday and having to get up early – but looks natural and seamless on the skin. Being a YouTube addict I have seen a lot of my favorite YouTubers discuss the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer when it first launched, but since then I have noticed that the hype of this concealer has died down. So I wanted to test this out for myself to see if it was hyped by the YouTube community to promote the product, or if it’s actually a really great item! I went to CVS the other day and grabbed the two shades Light/Ivory and Light/Medium Beige. Retailing for $3.99 each (CVS) I didn’t see a reason why not to buy two. Especially since I have noticed that there is a huge gap between those two shades so I wanted to mix them both to get my perfect/preferred color.

Left: Light/Ivory | Right: Light/Medium Beige

First off – I hope you can notice off of the photo above how creamy these concealers are. Immediately upon swatching it on my hand I was in shock at how buttery smooth they are. Like every other concealer I use I prefer using a damp makeup sponge to apply it which is what I have been doing with this one.

I chose to take some close ups of under my eyes for you to see why I have been in love with the Wet n Wild concealer. I have issues with products under my eyes creasing and looking cakey and I feel that this one does not do that.. at all. I use the Light/Medium Beige under my eyes and then go in with the Light/Ivory on just the inner corner of my under eyes to brighten that area up even more. This product does not have any issues with blending out into the skin and sets a very naturally (not looking very dewy or matte).

With other concealers I have tried out I have noticed it setting too quickly not giving me enough time to even blend it out. But with this one I can let it sit there for a few extra seconds and then go in with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and no matter the length of time that it has been unblended under my eyes it will blend out with ease.

On days where I don’t feel like putting on an entire face of makeup, I skip my foundation step and just spot conceal using the Light/Medium Beige. It covers all of my imperfections and makes my skin appear naturally flawless. I may or may not have checked myself out a few times being very impressed with how this product lays on my skin.

Honestly, I am in love with this concealer. It is everything that I have been searching for to help cover my dark circles without it looking unnatural! Below are some pros and cons of this product overall.

– Affordable
– Pigmented
– Easy to blend into the skin
– Photo Friendly
– Lasts throughout the day without looking cakey or heavy
– Does not set quickly, which allows you more time to blend and work the product into the skin.

– 6 shades that have gaps in colors, so it can be hard for someone to find their correct shade.

Alright – next post I promise won’t be a review! 😉 Hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled weekend!

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